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3366001-N, 800M with rubber gasket
EUR €0.00

800M with rubber gasket

Shape: Circular
Product range: Normal
Market: Finland
Type: Cover
Locking mechanism: N/A
Weight (kg): 76.00
Width (mm): 930.00
Max. height (mm): 160.00
Seating depth (mm): 50.00
Material mark: Grey Cast EN-GJL-200
Frame opening (mm): 780.00
Pipe fit diameter (mm): 730.00
Pipe fit outer diameter (mm): 780.00
EN Load class: D400
Fit together:
<p><a href="https://combiworks.arcadier.io/User/Item/Detail/3366000-N-800F-with-rubber-gasket/f3a30b0e-c9c5-4dd4-b218-b5b9028f3fbf">3366000-N</a></p>

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